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Nestled in the University of Chicago Hyde Park campus next door to the historic Robie House, Plein Air is a partnership between Soo Choi and Kevin Heisner (Heisler Hospitality). A French expression meaning “in the open air” that describes the act of painting outdoors, Plein Air is a French atelier-inspired café and eatery seeking to provide a warm, serene environment where guests can savor coffee, food, and design. 

Offering coffee executed with care, whether it be drip, pour over, or a classic espresso, the café and eatery will feature a select list of artisanal roasters, changing beans seasonally. 

The menu, a collaboration with Art Jackson (Pleasant Farms, Pleasant Pies), will showcase simple, comforting dishes with European-inflected twists that can be enjoyed all day long. 

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(773) 966-7531


5751 S Woodlawn Ave.
ChicagoIL 60637


Mon - Fri :: 7a–8p
Sat - Sun :: 8a–6p


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